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Personalized Yoga Classes in Playa del Carmen

"I would definitely recommend Tine as a private yoga instructor. She provides a safe, encouraging, friendly and professional atmosphere. I am so happy I chose Tine to begin my yoga journey!"

-Cara Patik

About Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful Caribbean paradise lined by breathtaking beaches with white sand and crystal clear turquoise ocean. This is the perfect spot to begin or continue your wonderful yoga journey. Beside experiencing great yoga in Playa del Carmen, you can enjoy beach lounging, countless restaurants with amazing food from all over the world, Mayan ruins excursions, shop modern brands and traditional locals craft as well as soak in the festive atmosphere with the locals and tourist from all over the world.

Beginners Classes

I offer a 5 class beginner course for those who have never tried yoga or have only tried it a few times. It is for those who might be overwhelmed in a studio or would rather private attention. The idea behind this course is to provide a safe, encouraging and private space where I will introduce you to the most common yoga postures, the proper foundation and help you start a wonderful yoga journey. In the first classes our focus will be on the common postures as well as an introduction to Sun Salutations and yoga breathing techniques.

Private Classes

There are many great reasons to why you should take a private yoga class. The personal attention you get in a private class will enable you to go even deeper in your practice. You will receive thorough instruction for each posture, so you will know the proper foundation and the benefits of each individual posture. Furthermore, in a private yoga class you can help decide the focus, theme and goal in each class. It will be a class perfectly planned around your body and mind, wishes and needs.