Guiding you to find your yoga.

Yoga Styles

There are so many options for yoga classes, and it can be a jungle to figure out which one is for you. Read about the different styles I offer, and let us find the perfect class for you.


In a hatha class you will do less poses (asanas) but focus heavily on foundation, alignment and going deeper into each asana. This means you will hold asanas for a longer time and therefore get a deeper stretch which will help strengthen deep muscles and create flexibility. You will do one asana at a time, setting up properly from the feet up and gradually intensify the difficulty and complexity of the asanas. This is a great class for beginners and intermediates, but can be difficult for even the most advanced yogis.


Flow yoga is exactly what the name implies, the asanas are done in a flow or a so-called vinyasa which is a movement combining the individual asana in a perfect manner. This class is often inspired by the sun salutations where you build heat and reach a higher heart rate for an almost cardio-like exercise. Flow classes are perfect for people who have some experience in yoga meaning, intermediate to advanced students, or people who like combining the beauty and benefits of yoga with a great workout.


Power yoga is a great yoga style if you want to focus on your muscles and feel invigorated and powerful during and after the class. Power yoga is sometimes referred to as gym yoga. Classes can vary immensely but the primary focus is on strength and flexibility. This is for people who have done yoga before and are somewhat fit and familiar with other strength building exercises which they want to advance. Or just an intermediate yoga student who is curious to try a new style.


In your classes with me you don't have to choose one of the mentioned styles. We can combine them or focus on a more workshop style class where, for example, your balance is in focus or where we work with inversions. There is also the option to have a class with focus on meditation or if you have a particular injury. I can also teach a great restorative class if you are struggling with stress or want a new perspective. There is an entire world of yoga to discover.